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It’s all about Time!

It’s all about Time!

Working hard to Hardly working – Manage TIME!

Since my childhood, while inside the house from Parents or outside the house from Teachers – I kept listening- Time is priceless /Time is the best solution! And I was clueless- TIME? I have all the time.

But as I grew up, without knowing, I started using the same taglines…YES! Time management is one of the most important skills and a lot of us tussle with day in and day out. As a leader, manager and business owner, parent, student – the roles where we have some accountability, we don’t sleep without finishing THE jobs planned!! The reason – Managing Time!

Hats are accessories that I simply adore! I recently purchased a few for myself during my trip to Peru. Those hats look strikingly similar to the ones sported by Indiana Jones! Oh so any…which one for today and which one for my Sri Lanka trip? For sure, am not going to be wearing all my favorite hats at once. Well, I’d have to take my chances and choose the right hat for a day. Similarly, I cannot do all the work in one day; I need to categorize the tasks under Urgent and Important, Less Important & can be delayed, to not so important at all etc. This is what time management is all about.

Imagine you planning a date with your loved one on Valentine’s Day, and you haven’t even started planning your tax filing for the coming year. Well, even though both the things are important, you got to give importance to one over the other. A matrix is a high impact time management tool which allows you to plan ahead of time and take the right decisions, time and time again.

Even in a game like cricket, you got to set your priorities right! You need to choose your shots wisely and make sure you hit the right ones at the right time. You do not get second chances in sports or in your life. Make every second count if you want to be successful.

Features of the Time Management matrix:

If you’re a manager and do not feel like working much, then this is the right tool for you as it will allow you to delegate all the work in the right hands. There are 4 key situations which are covered here that will explain on how time management should essentially work. However, don’t expect magic to happen! You still got to work hard.

  1. Any task with high urgency and high importance rate needs to be done at any cost. It should be on the top of your priority list. Consider this situation similar to your house being on fire!
  2. Any task which is important but is less urgent needs to be completed as soon as possible. You need to see your calendar and schedule it. With a little bit of exercise and planning you can easily finish up these tasks.
  3. A task with high urgency and low importance is likely to be the one which is concerned with someone else’ deadlines. This is where you should try and delegate the tasks to others.
  4. When you have a task in hand which is neither important nor urgent, then you need not do it immediately. For instance, going through your previous year’s personal credit card bills, shouldn’t be on your list of things to do.

With its practical approach, time management matrix, such as illustrated in the image below have won many accolades in the tech industry. So, instead of wasting your time playing video games, start planning your work using the matrix time management tool.

Time Management
Time Management

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