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Hello everyone!
I hope you all are well and staying safe.
Lately, Covid has been on everyone’s mind. Apart from Covid, another thing on everyone’s mind is filing of taxes.
It’s April 20th already. You email your accountant to file the taxes because there’s only 1 month left until May 17th.
However, there’s a problem! You get no response. How could that be? Doesn’t your accountant want your business? It’s peak tax season and that’s their excuse. We’re too busy now, we have no more capacity, or what happens more commonly – they simply don’t get back to you. You would panic but there’s no need for that. Team Konnect is at your service. We not just undertake and complete the given work but most importantly we respond. A 24 hrs response time is guaranteed. We live by this rule and it’s in our company by-laws too.
Even during our busiest season, we always reply to all inquiries within 24 hours or less.
We, also want this to serve as a friendly reminder: In order to ensure your taxes are filed on time, you must retain us to complete your tax returns by May 17th. Simply contact us and we’ll get started immediately.

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